Cary Manufacturing Corporation was founded in February 1980, and since 1982 the Cary company has been a distributor and exporter of the Fuji Regenerative Blower, also known as the Fuji Ring Compressor. Cary is the manufacturer of the Cary Rotating Union, a rotary seal that conveys cooling/heating liquids to roll devices.

Cary is a Fuji authorized parts and repair center offering Fuji accessories and spare parts to end users, original equipment manufacturers and dealers worldwide. In addition, Cary sells the Elektror Turbo Blowers also known as Elektror Side Channel Blowers.

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Ring Compressors / Regenerative Blowers

The Fuji Ring Compressor is a non-positive displacement, high volume, low pressure blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vacuum pump. It is also known as: Fuji regenerative blower, vortex blower and side-channel blower. All ring compressor impellers are dynamically balanced to virtually eliminate vibration while increasing overall long-term reliability.
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Vacuum Systems

Cary Manufacturing provides a full line of products geared to the removal of waste in various critical areas of the production process. Our line of industrial vacuum cleaners includes a variety of hi-performance, industrial vacs in a range of sizes designed to fit your particular needs. One such product is the Cary Vac industrial vacuum cleaner.
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Rotating Unions

We offer 3 standard models of rotating unions with a wide range of port sizes and thread configurations. Available are single flow, double flow, and a special compact double flow. Also available are double flow elbows, stationary feed tubes and connecting hose assemblies. The dependable, leak proof Cary rotating union works on the face sealing principle and features precision mating carbon seals and ceramic seats.
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Distributor of Fuji Ring Compressors, Fuji Regenerative Blowers, Fuji Vacuum Pumps, Elektor Turbo Blowers, and Fuji Accessories and Fuji Parts
At Cary Manufacturing Corporation, we offer rebuild kits for routine maintenance on all Fuji Regenerative Blowers. Rebuild kits include shaft seals, front and rear bearings, bearing shims and silencer assemblies. CONTACT US FOR COMPETITIVE PRICING ON FUJI BLOWERS, ACCESSORIES, PARTS & REPAIR KITS @ 888-CARY-VAC.

Ring Compressors/ Regenerative Blowers and a full line of accessories and components.
Industrial vacuum and cleaning systems.
Waste Removal Systems.
Assembled reversing electrical starters and controls.
Propane powered systems.
Blow-off / Vacuum Systems.
Fuji Regenerative Air Blowers.
3 Standard Models of Rotating Unions.
Wide range of port sizes and thread configurations available on Rotating Unions.

Best-selling, in-stock Fuji Regenerative Blower also known as Fuji Ring Compressor Models include: VFC080P-5T, VFC300A-7W, VFC200P-5T, VFC400A-7W, VFC500A-7W, VFC508P-2T, VFC600A-7W, VFC700A-7W, VFC804A-7W, VFC800A-7W and VFC904A-7W.

Best-selling, in-stock Elektror Models include: VFD2S, VFD3S, VFD4S, VFD41S, VFD42S, VFD5, VFD6, VFD8, VFD9, VFD14, RD6.

Best-selling, in-stock Fuji Accessories include Fuji Inlet Filters: F-123, F-45, F-67, F-89

Best-selling, in-stock Fuji Inlet Filter Covers: C-123, C-45, C-67, C-89

Best-selling, in-stock Fuji Vacuum and Pressure Relief Valves: VV3, VV4, VV5, VV6, VV7, VV8, VV9, PV3, PV4, PV5, PV6, PV7, PV8, PV9

Best -selling, in-stock Fuji Replacement Parts include impellers: 8P103, 1Q103, 2R103, 3R103, 4Q103, 5C103, 6C103, 7C103, 8C103, 9C103

Best-selling, in-stock Fuji Silencer Assemblies: 1Q207, 2Q207, 3Q207, 4Q207. 5B207, 6B207, 7C207, 8C207, 9C207

Fuji Regenerative Blowers / Ring Compressors, Blower Kits, Parts, Rotating Unions, Vacuum Systems & Accessories.

Cary Manufacturing serves industries including:
Bottling • Cement • CNC Machining • Fish Hatchery • Food Processing • Materials Handling • Medical Fields • Packaging • Paper & Pulp Processing • Plating • Pneumatic • Poultry Processing • Printing • Septic Systems (Alternative Onsite) • Spas • Textile • Waste removal • Wastewater • Woodworking
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